Sometimes Things Never Work Out As You Think

It comes to you, make you groan and eventually leave you sweating and with pain.

If you’re thinking that this is about any cheap and low-standard erotica, you are mistaken. More


#sol15 Day 1 : What Should I Write ?

It’s my very first time in any writer community sharing my love for reading and writing. I was sort of confused about the topic. ‘What should I write’ I’ve been thinking about this for so many days then a thought hit my mind. It’s slice of life so it would be better to share a little piece of my life on first day.

So here it goes. More

Why People Are So Mean ?

“O liberty, what crimes have been committed in thy name!”

Probably the most likely quotation to depict today’s time when internet is within everyone’s reach. You open your Facebook or twitter (if you’re fed up with your relatives’ friend request) and found some messages, post or tweets mocking your sexuality, religion or even your personal feelings. Stricken by words, you might delete your account or in the worst scenario, you get depressed by the recurrence of such posts/comments. But this is just an instance.