First of all, most of you must be thinking what ‘Μια εσωστρεφής‘ is. Well, it means ‘An Introvert‘.

According to society, a nerd is a shy person who prefers listening to speaking, reading to socializing, and working on their own to collaborating in teams. In other words, A nerd is a natural born introvert.

(P.S. I read that on Forbes.com).

So I made this blog where I write from an introvert’s perspective. Sometimes my thoughts sound bizarre, imprudent and irrational but hey, that’s my point of view. If you are irked by my thoughts or get offended, I cordially welcome you in my comment box. Just in case you ever wonder who is behind this awesome piece of writing, you can follow me on 140-character universe called Twitter 

“Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them….well, I have others.”

– Groucho Marx


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