Sometimes Things Never Work Out As You Think

It comes to you, make you groan and eventually leave you sweating and with pain.

If you’re thinking that this is about any cheap and low-standard erotica, you are mistaken.

Actually I’m talking about experiences I have been through. Just about a month ago, I had decided to venture into an unknown world and nonetheless, no surprise at all, seems like I got stuck somehow. I was disappointed by my own futility because the only piece I’ve had contributed so far was just one article. And I give all credit to my flu and exams.

That flu from nowhere set its control over me and unfortunately, I was confined to my bed. I was sort of upset because when flu struck you, it sucks out the whole peace and power your body possesses. I thought that nothing could get worse than this flu and then exam date told me that I was damn wrong.

Therefore due to exams, I had to preserve all the strength my medicine and tasteless food were giving me so that I could hold my pen while writing my exam copy. Thank god it wasn’t swine flu or something me and my family were worrying about. I was craving to write something for blog but I had to wait until my exams and flu allowed me. Sometimes we just can’t fight but have to follow the ‘wait and watch’ method to lessen the misery.

Since flu has gone and exam is about to finish so I think it was just a speed breaker and I’ll continue this journey.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer Sniadecki
    Apr 16, 2015 @ 22:41:03

    Oh, no! I’m so glad you are better now. Keep writing!



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