Why People Are So Mean ?

“O liberty, what crimes have been committed in thy name!”

Probably the most likely quotation to depict today’s time when internet is within everyone’s reach. You open your Facebook or twitter (if you’re fed up with your relatives’ friend request) and found some messages, post or tweets mocking your sexuality, religion or even your personal feelings. Stricken by words, you might delete your account or in the worst scenario, you get depressed by the recurrence of such posts/comments. But this is just an instance.

I’ve seen worst prigs and they are ubiquitous whether it’s real life or virtual. Unfortunately, YouTube is not an exception. When it comes to comment section, things get way too nasty. Truth is, these blockheads (or you can call them cyber-bullies) are just egoists who feast on others hatred. They do that to pick up a fight either it’s virtual or real one. They are too wrapped up in their thoughts and emotions that they can’t consider the feeling of others. So without beating about bush, I’m coming to the point. There was a campaign held online a couple of weeks ago called #MakeItHappy in which YouTube-stars read mean comments about them. So, one my favorite YouTube-stars Jenna Marbles made a video too.


And that was NOT a funny video at all (though she’s stated ‘funny’ in video). There are so many harsh words, threatening and commenting on her body, face like she’s an ugly bitch without makeup, they would kill her or rape her or both. Bravo Jenna ! for choosing the worsts. Nevertheless, a point of time comes in this video when she has to hold back her emotions as she reads “You were born in a wind tunnel.” Further, she fakes a laugh and moves on to the next comment. That’s all right because at the end of the day, she’s a human too and when such cussing words appear before us, it does hurt. Very badly. To be honest, I really feel for her.

                                                   I’m not fangirling (or fanboying if there is any such word) but humorous person are beautiful, even without makeup. Some of us know that she’s just an average looking girl but hey! You’re forgetting to mention ‘witty’. And about the ‘makeup’ thing, just cut it out guys. It’s used to turn a girl into a hot chick and a hot chick into a bombshell.That’s what makeup is made for. Don’t you know this? She can handle others’ harsh, sarcastic outlooks (likewise she did, sort of, in her ‘What I Would Have Done In Cancun’ video) as she’s not an irascible person. So just like her, let’s pretend there is no virtual bully around you. If there is any, just avoid them because a great person once said “Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.” (Okay okay, It’s Taylor Swift, I admit. Happy ? 🙂 )


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  1. VanessaVaile
    Mar 08, 2015 @ 16:43:42

    Reblogged this on As the Adjunctiverse Turns and commented:
    More thoughts on cyber-meanness and positive approaches like #MakeItHappy to dealing with it. The post closes with this advice, “let’s pretend there is no virtual bully around you. If there is any, just avoid them.”

    Being pro-active in a positive way is another response: call out people you admire. On Twitter you can adapt the ubiquitous #FF or Follow Friday model.

    For example, I just started “When #ScholarSunday falls on #IWD2015…” on @VanessaVaile (and will carry it to my other streams) to hail #femscholars ~ and not just higher-ed academics. My list include all educators, independent, retired, alt.ac, K12, ABE, former educators who are now activists/organizers, etc. So that probably needs another less Ivory Tower

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